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Quality & Care

Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom is one of the smallest, yet most vital rooms in a home. With complexity ranging from plumbing to the right choice of materials and fixtures, our experts can help you turn the complex into relax. 

Kitchen Remodeling

The heart and soul of your home should be treated with the upmost control and the highest standards. With so much action from mealtime, family time, and social time, transforming your kitchen has never been more accessible than with MHS Contractors. 


Just as the exterior of your home shows off your style, we want to make sure the interior gives it meaning with a variety of flooring options. With an array of colors, designs, and textures, we’ll be sure to provide you with flooring tailored to any project large or small.


We know carpentry is a skilled trade which requires years of practice, and our finished results show it. Our high quality materials and expert craftsmanship will leave your designs with a strong foundation to expand on. 


There’s so many commodities able to be created or added to your deck, whether it’s a full-on overhaul—new flooring, or rails, the possibilities are endless. From sophisticated design plans, we’ll be able to work with you to meet all your intended purposes for your porch or deck.


Your property is a huge investment and it is only natural to want to protect and beautify it. With our fencers expertise, not only will your property stand out amongst the neighborhood, but it will also increase the level of security to make you feel safer as well.

Full Rehabilitations

A rehab project can include everything from changing the structural layout of the home to repairing and replacing electrical components. It helps increase the value of the property and with our help, you’ll be sure to receive expert service to any matter needed attendance to.